Miss Morgan’s Spelling Group Week 8 Focus: adding the suffix -ed

Handed out on Friday 4th November; Tested on Friday 11th November
1. plan planned
2. enjoy enjoyed
3. reply replied
4. hop hopped
5. hope hoped
6. smile smiled
7. carry carried
8. knowledge
9. perhaps
10. separate

Note: Spellings 1-7 focus on this week’s spelling focus; spellings 8-10 are from the Year 3 & 4 word list.

Note: You need to know the root word on its own and the root word with the suffix.

* If the root word ends with an ‘e’, drop the ‘e’ to add ‘-ed’
* If there is a short vowel sound before the final letter, double the final consonant to add ‘-ed’
* If the root word ends with a ‘y’, change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and then add ‘-ed’