Miss Tapp’s Spelling Group Spelling Review – 8.12.17

Over the Christmas holidays, please revisit all of the spellings which you have learnt over the past term.  Make sure that you can still accurately spell them all, giving a bit of extra time and practise those you didn’t get correct the first time round! There will be a spelling test based on a random selection of these words on Friday 5th January.


Group Specific Words Year 3/4 Words
choice argue coming accident
voice threw wanted century
noise grew watched experiment
joint think looked interest
point pick waited particular
foil click shouted remember
boil sock hopped accidentally
round ticket stayed certain
sound sink extreme
shout crack island
brown unfair particular
crowd share sentence
house wear actual
ground care circle
bike chair famous
like scared knowledge
bright hair perhaps
night these separate
why happy actually
silent week complete
best every favourite
sting speak learn
stick leader popular
steal need special
twist writing address
stir making consider
flew taking February
knew looking length
new shutting position
blue talking straight