Monkey Puzzle activities – w/b 27.04.20

Once again Monkey Puzzle have been very busy this week creating lots of fantastic work. Here are some examples of just a few.

Oliver did his Gravity investigation writing a great prediction and hypothesis. The objects were his sister Caitlin, a cushion, my cuddly toy George and a toilet roll. Poor Caitlin!  Oliver also learnt about the phases of the moon Oreo style! What a great idea! I am sure many Oreos were enjoyed in the making of this activity!

I have received lots of photos from Josh who has been busy practising his maths skills including subtraction, times tables and fractions. He also sent me an excellent piece that he did a few weeks ago when we were learning about the Egyptians.

Thomas created a great video about Size and scale – it was a really inventive way of presenting his SOLE work.

Alex has been busy doing some great Literacy work, identifying Similes and also creating some of his own in preparation for writing his Planet Poem later this week.

Leia has been busy learning about the Solar System using everything from footballs to oranges and apples to Easter Eggs (how have you still got some left?). Leia has also been learning about the phases of the moon using party rings – how yummy!

Lexie extremely busy over the past few weeks! She has made an ancient Egyptian spell to help her in the afterlife, she’s completed her ancient Egyptian myth, she made a fact file about space, a fact file about Galileo, a leaflet about the moon, she’s made her very own mnemonic poem about the planets in order of the sun, she laid out spherical objects onto the driveway to represent the different planets in order of the sun and labelled them using chalk and today she conducted her very own science experiment to investigate if weight affects the gravitational pull. She has been doing lots of other activities such as making cakes, making fruit smoothies, riding her bike and using a sewing machine.

Once again I would like to thank all of Monkey Puzzle and your parents for your help and support. Please continue to send across any photographs and carry on sharing your work.

Continue to stay safe and well and I hope to see you all soon.