Monkey Puzzle – w/b 11th May

Monkey Puzzle have once again been very busy producing some amazing work and having a go at a variety of activities. Here are just a few examples of things they have been up to.

A must on this weeks SOLE was to  use imagination and images from books and films such as Doctor Who, Star Wars, E.T, Toy Story and life on mars to design an alien creature.  Here are a few examples:

Leia has produced a detailed pencil sketch

Alex designed his out ok Knex first and then drew it adding labels.

Thomas has also been very creative with his Alien creation.

Lexie has also created an imaginative Alien.

Thomas has been very busy running a 10k around his garden. He wrote a letter to family and friends asking for donations to the NHS charity. He also set up the just giving page, on his own. With the help of his parents he measured the garden and worked out he had to do 170 laps around the garden and house, up steps and down slopes. He did 57 laps on day 1, he did  67 laps with him on day 2 and he then finished it off on day 3 with 46 laps. So far he has raised around £450 for the NHS. Well done Thomas, we are very proud of you!

Lexie has attempted the PE challenge for last week, seeing how many times she can bounce a ball onto a tennis racket in 1 minute, she found this very challenging but managed 21 bounces in 60 seconds. She has also created a leaflet about the race to space between America and the Soviet Union. I think you’ll agree it is exceptionally presented.

Seb has been very busy conducting his Gravity experiment in the sunshine. He dropped many different items in his experiment, here is an example:


Don’t forget if you would like your work featured on the blog send me some photographs and continue to share your work.

Keep up the hard work Monkey Puzzle.