More Amazing Work From year 5! W.c. 06.07.20

Year 5 have been sending lots of pictures of their amazing work, we have had to do another blog post to celebrate it!

Alex has been really busy! He has created a time capsule, a time machine, a futuristic care, he has thought about which time quote is important to him and created artwork for it and finally, he has drawn a pie chart to show how the UK can be divided up based on age.

Leia has drawn a self portrait:

Lyla has created a piece of information text all about telescopes:

Harry H has been interviewing about what retirement is and what it is like:

Emily has also been really busy creating instructions on how to build a time machine. When Emily built her time machine and fast forwarded to 10 years into the future, she ended up the Amazon rainforest. To share with everyone what she has learnt during her visit, she has created a leaflet with many pictures and lots of colour!