More fabulous learning from Maple Class – 15.05.20

Once again, we have been so impressed by the work the Maple class children are doing from home and would like to say a massive thank you to all the grown ups for supporting them.

Jack has been learning all about trees and spent ages doing an observational drawing of a cherry tree in his garden.

Oscar has been busy outside, riding his bike without stabilisers and perfecting his scootering skills. He has also been working really hard on school work too.

Lily loved making a woodland crown and decided to draw it and write instructions on what she used and how she did it.

Connie has been busily getting on with her Phonics work. She has been doing rainbow writing of some of the Year 1 tricky words. That will help her remember how to spell them.

Keep up the good work, Maple. We are all so proud of you.