More from Fir Class!


Fir class have continued to be busy at home! This week the children have done lots of great learning on expanded noun phrases, the features of a diary, angles and shapes in Maths and the Bayeux Tapestry. As well as this, the children have been busy with baking, playing instruments, learning to sew, earning Cubs badges, gardening and much much more!



Jude and Issy have been busy baking delicious looking foods with their families.

In Cubs, Alex has been awarded his scientists badge, challenge award and promoted to Seconder in his patrol. He is continuing his guitar lessons, learning new notes and music.

Kowan has enjoyed teaching his family about Zentangles and they have created a family project. He has also become skilled at sewing and produced great pieces of work all about 1066.

Owen is continuing his science learning with his sister, by learning all about acids, alkalines and the PH scale.

Orla celebrated her birthday, choosing her family’s food for the day, walking her dog and watching a movie. She also created a fabulous timeline of the year 1066.

Imani has shown her thanks for the NHS with some artwork and has been showing resourcefulness by furthering her own learning and doing extra work of her own.

Well done everyone!!