More from Monkey Puzzle – wb 04.05.20

Monkey Puzzle have yet again been producing some amazing work. I just had to share it with you.

Lexie has been very busy making a fact file about craters, a timeline about the different moon landings, a diagram about the different phases of the moon using Jaffa cakes and a poster about geographical features that can be seen from space. Lexie has also been practising bouncing a tennis ball on a racket on it ready for this week’s PE challenge. Lexie has also created a layout of the planets in order from the sun, she spent along time collecting objects and  making sure they were in the correct order and the correct size and labelling them.
Thomas has created a fabulous Newspaper Report for “The Tom Tom Times” about the first moon landing.

Seb has been busy learning about the Phases of the Moon. He has been very creative using clay and some bottle tops as stencils.

Year 5 have been busy writing poems about Space this week. here are Leia and Lyla who were brave enough to perform their poems.


Keep up the amazing work Monkey Puzzle.