Mr Hardee’s Autumn 2 Spelling Review

Spelling Revisit and Review – Mr Hardee’s group

Please revisit all of the spellings which you have learnt over the past half term.  Make sure that you can still accurately spell them all, giving a bit of extra time and practise to those you didn’t get correct the first time round! There will be a spelling test based on a random selection of these words during the first week back.


Group Specific Words Year 5/6 Words
action through Category
  decision plough Committee
occasion bought Communicate
musician enough exaggerate
politician brought Controversy
accommodation thorough Convenience
television rough Correspond
competition preference Criticise
delicious deference   Curiosity
malicious deferring  Definite
flirtatious preferably conscious
fictitious transferred especially
vicious offering rhythm
ambitious difference determined
gracious affect dictionary
practice effect embarrass
practise advice environment
  advise especially