Mrs Davie and Miss Wolf’s Spelling Groups 22.9.17

This week you have been given 7 sets of homophones to learn.  For the test you will need to be able to choose which word to use in a sentence as well as spelling it correctly.

Mrs Davie’s and Miss Wolf’s Spelling Group Week 3 Focus: homophones


Handed out on Friday 22ndth September; Test on Friday 29thth September

  1. were, where, we’re
  2. there, their, they’re
  3. to, too, two
  4. right, write
  5. see, sea
  6. know, no
  7. herd, heard
  8. communicate
  9. definite
  10. necessary

Note: Spellings 1-7 focus on this week’s focus; spellings 8-10 are from either the Year 3 & 4 or Year 5 & 6 word lists.