Mrs Jeffery’s Group, 14.7.20

Here is a glimpse into what the group with Mrs Jeffery has been up to over the last week.



We worked on our collaboration skills.  Some of us made musical instruments whilst other choreographed a dance and sang to accompany the musicians. Later we performed it.



Some of us took a closer look at predators.  Some children created their ultimate predator by combing more than one.



We also spent some time building time machines. Later we used the chrome books to label the different parts and write about where we would go and why.

We all loved singing a song about the continents. we sang this over and over and over. We will never forget it now and neither will Mrs Jeffery. Later, we made power points about the different continents, drew our own muddled up maps and found different creatures that live on each continent.

We have also enjoyed playing ladders in P.E.