Mrs Tierney’s Autumn Term Spelling Review

Spelling Revisit and Review – Mrs Tierney’s group

Over the Christmas holidays, please revisit all of the spellings which you have learnt over the past term.  Make sure that you can still accurately spell them all, giving a bit of extra time and practise those you didn’t get correct the first time round! There will be a spelling test based on a random selection of these words on Friday 12th January.

Group Specific Words Year 3/4 Words
whisper belief   business
whisker grief eighth
whip believe history
which world occasionally
elephant work question
phonics worship various
alphabet worst surprise
glue fatigue potatoes
tissue dialogue mention
true catalogue imagine
issue vague calendar
blue grotesque enough
August plaque bicycle
automatic benches difficult
author passes guard
haunted knives curious
haul leaves preferred
launch foxes thought
monkey exercise weight
chimney extreme permission
donkey except breath
turkey extra history
robbed peculiar
backed meddle
liked actually
joking important
Chief famous