Mrs Tierney’s Spellings 22.9.17

Mrs Tierney’s Spelling Group Week 2 Focus: /ue/ phoneme

Handed out on Friday 22nd September-  Tested on Friday 29th September 2017

We have been learning the alternative spelling of the sound (phoneme) oo- it can use the digraph oo or ue.We have been learning the spelling rule that –ue usually comes at the end of a word

  1. glue
  2. tissue
  3. true
  4. issue
  5. blue
  6. clue
  7. Sue
  8. occasionally
  9. question
  10. various

Note: Spellings 1-7 focus on this week’s phoneme focus; spellings 8-10 are from the Year 3 & 4 word list.