News from the Library.

Summer holidays are fast approaching so I am sending out a plea for library books! It doesn’t matter how long they have spent under the bed or in the school tray, how dog-eared or exhausted they look, or how long you have had them, I would like them back please! To help me restock the library with current, up-to-date stock, I need to complete a stock check, which I hope to start in the final two weeks of term.  So, have a look under the bed, in the car, under the sofa and get those books back to the library please. The children will be able to check out books up until the final two weeks of term, but on a one-at-a-time basis, to help me keep check of stock.  Don’t forget, you can always join the Teignmouth Library to keep the reading going over the summer holiday.  Happy hunting!