Number Talk in Year 6

Every morning in Year 6 we solve a variety of calculations. This slows the forgetting curve so we create permanent knowledge about a range of mathematical approaches.

Some of the calculations we do have a variety of solutions.

Today we had the calculation 23 x 1 1/2 (Twenty three multiplied by one and a half).

Here are some of the solutions we discussed:

23 x 15 = 345 then 345 / 10 = 34.5

Here someone converted the one and a half into decimals (1.5) then adjusted that to 15 by multiplying by 10.
After the calculation was done, they adjusted back by dividing by ten.

23 x 1 = 23 and 23 x 1/2 = 11.5  23+11.5 = 34.5

Here someone noticed that they could split the one and a half into one and one half, they then multiplied 23 by these and combined the solutions to get the answer.

One person converted both numbers into fractions and multiplied them!

23/1 x 3/2 = 69/2 = 34.5

We must make sure we are using the most efficient method, but we can use one of the other methods to check our work.