Oak class amazing Home Learning 5.05.2020

Oak class have been busy again this week learning all about the Stone/Bronze/Iron Ages as part of our Tribal Tales topic.

It has been great to see some of your try out weaving, both with paper and fabric.

It has also been great see some of your Big Writes this week. For example, Finlay who showed he had learnt lots about Pre-historic Britain, as well as some great new computer skills! It has also been really great to see lots of you getting started with our new diary writing topic, and learning lots about the type of language that will be suitable for this genre of writing.

We have also loved hearing about the other skills you have all been developing. For example, Honey and her brother carried out a really interesting experiment into why we should always wash our hands with soap and water.

She experimented by adding gelatine  into each section of a cultivation plate.
They both dipped their finger in soil and put it in one of the sections on the plate. 
They then washed their hands using ONLY  water then dipped their finger in to the next section. 
They then washed their hands with soap AND water and dipped their finger in the next section. 
They then used antibacterial hand gel then dipped their finger in the next section. 
The cultivation plate was sealed and left on the side for the bacteria’s to grow. 
We waited 4 days before checking what bacteria had grown. 
And look at the results!


Well done for all your hard work so far this week Oak class, and make sure you keep on sharing photos of what you have been up to with us!