Oak Class, Our First Days Back, 8.9.20

What a busy few days we have had back in Oak Class and the children have all grown in more ways than one. It has been delightful to be back amongst such a friendly, happy and delightful bunch.

We have been learning about worries that we might have and thinking of ideas that could help us solve them. When we revisited the school rules we discussed what they ‘look like’ and what we would expect to see. Today, we had our first trip to the library and chose our first books. This was particularly exciting and we are planning on visiting again in the week so we can change them after we have quizzed on them. Everyone was keen to be able to have a go on the Chromebooks. We have a few experts amongst us but a few of us will need to keep practising how to log in and create documents. 

We are looking forward to more exciting learning and time spent with our friends.