Out of this world poetry! Year 5


Year 5 have spent the last few weeks learning about poems and poetry devices so they could write their own poems about visiting another planet. All the pupils have worked really hard researching about their planets and bringing them to life through personification, similes and metaphors.

Here are some poems Miss Franks and Miss Halloway have received. Miss Franks has also posted some videos of pupils performing their poetry on a previous blog post.


Toby T


The sky reminds me of stars,

Acting really bright.

Mercury the ball of paint,

Acts like a firefly, different from the others.


I am free with mercury,

Feeling like home.

Mercury is always dancing,

In the system is a blast to have a planet as a friend.


Leaving space, leaving amazed,

The depressing feeling hit me.

Mercury will not give up dancing,

Seeing the green and blue of Earth coming closer.




  Jupiter all covered in gas,

  is massive in size and mass, 

I look at him through my telescope in the dark night;

 the dark, soot, black night, 

The sky is black, 

 but I have some light,

my lamp is very bright,

when I see his face,

it makes me jump,

because he is really close up,

he’s 4.2 to 6.2 au away,

but that doesn’t stop me seeing him, yay,

he smiles at me and I smile back,

I really think he likes to be out in that galaxy so black,

he has lots of hankies,

for blowing his nose,

for he supports the Yankees.


The gigantic noise that came from the jets,

were louder than I wanted to bet,

when I got into space I gave a huge cheer,

for it had taken two days to get here,

now I can hear a low whistling sound, 

because I am now Jupiter bound, 

the sound I heard was like a low hooting sound,

like hundreds of Owls were soaring past me,

in search of a shopping spree,

when I reached his magnetic force,

which was 14 times the size of earth,

and I’m not talking about its berth.


In the distance in the fog,

which is sort of like a bog,

I can see a rocky core,

AARGH I feel so unsure,

I’m going to explore,


diamonds rain down on me,

this is going to be supapaaa on Jupiter.

As fast as a cheetah,

I soar through the air,

leaving Jupiter behind forever,

I fly swiftly past meteoroids and comets galore,

In a few days more,

I’ll be ashore,

When I leave him he starts to cry,

“So” I say “goodbye,”

As I sail through the air,

with the wind in my hair,

I really want to see a huge fluffy bear,

I dream of the bangs and the crashes of earth,

As I’m back home,

I heard Jupiter moan. 




When I come out at night I see her hiding in her house,

Sad and alone , she looks so small and afraid like a mouse,

When the morning light fills the sky she sits and waits,

She hides and cries but no one hears her,

In her little house so blue and dark she lies waiting for someone,

But no one comes,

I feel so unhappy, like a sad movie

She’s dejected with no friends.

When I stand here on Earth she is 4.5716 billion km.

In a rocket I sit coming to you,

I see the night sky dancing around me,

I hear the stars whispering and giggling as I go past,

I see the planets chatting and walking whilst they orbit the sun,

But no Neptune.

The Earth way behind me no turning back,

As I get closer i see her neighbouring planets,

Jupiter and his beautiful 67 moons,

Saturn with her spinning rings,

And Uranus and his cold temperature.

I see you there in front of me,

I land beside you standing outside your door.

I’ve arrived.

My feet steadily touched dear Neptunes yard,

I felt myself shivering as I moved around.

No wonder she was hiding in her tiny, grey house,

I saw her peeping out her boarded window,

I waved and she disappeared.

I began exploring her planet,

But then I heard something,

I walked to the noise and saw a kitten

with one eye like a cyclops.

I picked it up and saw its collar,

its name was Neptune Jr. I put it on the dusty, blue ground and

it hopped and skipped around before

disappearing in Neptune’s bedroom window.


It’s time to say goodbye to this planet,

I must go back to Earth,

Neptunes eyes glowing with tears as her

only friend leaves,

As my rocket takes of she cries,

I’ll be back I shout from inside.

She sighed.

I’m now travelling through space again,

I see the other planets talking and chatting.

I begin to cry.

Goodbye Neptune. Hello Earth.







The Moon

The sky is lit up by the light of the moon,

a few twinkling stars dancing through the night sky,

the moon is a fascinating thing you see,

a beautiful sight to be seen by you and me,

a saucer of milk floating in the gloomy, dark sky,

it dances through the  night,

like a ballerina dancing on a big stage 

looking  down at her audience ,

the moon makes me feel so sleepy

as sleepy as a hedgehog ready to hibernate.


The rocket fires up, rattling, shaking and roaring like a giant beast awaking from his sleep,

shaking like a leaf I am thrust through the atmosphere

in a colossal towering rocket,

earth hanging in the distance like it’s being held by an invisible string,

stars shooting past so fast like they’re being fired from a gun,

then there it is I stare in awe 4.53 billion years old,

The Moon……and then deafening silence.


As I step out onto the grey, dusty surface of the magnificent moon,

the emptiness of this desolate atmosphere hits me,

I feel as sick as a dog as I hear the echoing of wolves crying in the distance,

moon dust puffing up beneath my feet,

like a smoke machine being turned on,

adrenalin swishing through my nervous, shaking body,

hundreds of craters cover the surface,

I float around them like a balloon bouncing in the wind.


Tired and ready for home,

I leave my friend behind,

the engines rumble,vibrate and erupt like a volcano beneath me,

streams of stars shoot past me illuminating the dark atmosphere,

closer and closer I get and there I see it, a blue ball with swirls of colour,


home to you and me.



The Glossy Silver Moon

The moon the moon is shining up there

The moon can be seen by a wild bear

The moon can be seen anywhere

Even in Australia where they will be asleep

Where they won’t hear any cars beep

The moon cannot be seen in the ocean deep

It is like the moon whispers to you in your sleep

To tell you it’s time to sleep

And not to weep


Travelling through space at the speed of sound

Where you’re heading to the moon, all round

Where no king will be crowned

If you look down you’ll see the ground fading

with people underneath you looking up and waving

it might feel like you’re racing

The earth is looking as small as a pea

on my way there i will be having my tea

In my rocket I feel like a pea…

…in a pod


The moon looks like an elephant grey golf ball

Floating in space like a puffa fish in a pool

Once I’ve landed on the moon I won’t be using any rocket fuel

You will realise that you don’t live on a flat land

The base of the moon may feel like dry sand

When you step off the rocket on to this new land

All I can hear is black silence, all i can see is mother earth

Lonely like a leaf blown off a tree, all i can feel is dizzy from the low gravity

Now that I’m on the moon a new adventure shall begin


Looking around and all I see is darkness upon me

No aliens to be found but yet to see

Now I take my first steps successfully

Nothing to hear, nothing to smell except the suit I am in

Movement is tough you feel like a robot

Every step is like going through mud, wading

Being lonely is not fun, nobody to talk to

The adventures I’m having are extraordinary

The experience is priceless, but if you get stuck there is no one to help you


I’m travelling in my spaceship on my way home

I can see the stone grey moon where I’ve just been

Spinning around like a stuntman in a movie scene

Now that I am landing it felt quicker than reality

It was fun up there, but no fun alone

I had an amazing adventure, but now I’m back home

Stepping out of the spaceship the high gravity makes me dizzy

Up on the moon I was never that busy

Back to my home to see my wonderful friends and family



Disco Dancing Moon……..

When I see the Moon arrive.. 

Her face is glowing like a flamboyant disco ball.  Sparkling bright in the ebony night sky.  Sometimes I can’t see her, where she is hiding.. 

But when she does appear, it makes me think of birthday times, dancing around in the disco room.  

I feel happy and calm when she appears.

It is my call to bed time, which I think I will ignore, as I’d love to join the party

and have a joyful bash.

She wears a dazzling party dress.  As she parties the night away. 

I’m in a more casual suit, my pajamas.  Every night to her is like an academy award show.  Dazzling twinkly stars surround her.  

Her enemies are the marshmallow clouds that hide her beautiful face, from the human eyes.

She brightens up the night, like a lightbulb lightens up your room.

When it is night she appears, she illuminates and shows the way for our nocturnal friends. 

After her wakeful night, you can even sometimes see her sleeping in the day. 


Lucas’ second poem

Round Beautiful Moon

The moon is as round as a football

The moon shone like a light bulb

The moon’s surface is dusty as a dust ball

The moon is as old as dinosaurs

You can move on the moon like a piece of paper falling from a height

The moon is as white as snow

The moon’s surface looks like sand paper

The journey to the moon as is like a roller coaster

Travelling to the moon is takes a long time like a queue waiting for a new ride

The moon is as lonely as a forest 

The moon is as deserted as a building site


Harry B



Ruby has voice recorded her poem ‘The Moon’


Zach’s video can be watch here: Video (2)


The Beast?

We are looking forward to any more poems that are being sent in. Year 5 should be very proud of themselves, they have worked very hard on their poetry, well done!