Palm class donate money to a charity close to our hearts. 05.07.17

After our cake sale in the winter which was supported extremely well by parents, we had a vote as to what to spend our money on. Options included; sponsoring an animal, buying a class teddy, Lego, felt pens and a class party. One option that came from a girl in our class was to give money to the hospital that made her mummy better. Her mummy was extremely ill over the winter and the whole family demonstrated real courage, resilience and strength. Mummy is recovering really well now , but it’s been a long journey. The children in Palm class didn’t hesitate to show their support to their classmate and her family. It was a resounding ‘yes’ vote for giving the money to the hospital that made this child’s mummy better.

We had great pleasure today in presenting a cheque to this very brave, strong and resilient mum. The donation comes with endless love and wishes from a class full of very kind, lovely children and thankyou very much for the lovely cake.