Palm- investigating the 3s pattern.

We watched a very entertaining video clip today to help us learn the 3 times table. It was set to ‘Uptown Funk’ and had us all dancing and singing along. Ask your child to show you what they remember.

Following on from that, we used a range of resources including 100 squares, cubes, bead strings and counters to explore the 3 times table and discover patterns. We found out that when we coloured in the squares in 3s, a diagonal pattern emerged. Further conclusions were that the pattern of numbers went odd, even, odd, even and so on. We challenged ourselves to continue the pattern of numbers and bridge 100, applying the necessary skills to count in 3s. We used different methods to demonstrate our knowledge of counting in 3s. We worked so hard and made so many fantastic mathematical discoveries that we were awarded a class point! ?

Keep practising your times tables at home.

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