Resilient Mathematicians in Foundation – Foundation – 07.05.21.

The children in Ash and Beech have blown their teachers away this week with their incredible maths skills. They employed the metacognition cycle to support them in planning, monitoring and evaluating their learning. The children used our ‘Plan, Monitor and Evaluate’ board to plan what resources they would use to help them explore the composition of 13. They then experimented with the resources and monitored their progress. Some children decided to change resources and could articulate why they had decided to change. We created some fantastic number sentences and partitioned number 13 in many different ways. When we had created or number sentences, we evaluated our progress and explained what we would do differently next time.

We had some fantastic discussions and the children used their metacognition reasoning to justify their choices:

“We were successful because we used the numicon. We could see that a 10 and a 3 can make 10.”

“We used the double sided counters because we could turn them to show 13 as one lot of 10 and 3 lots of 1.”

“We used the bugs, next time, we would use the stacking counters because the bugs were tricky to count.”