Dear Parent/Carer,

As you are reading this you must be aware that we have a fantastic new school website which can be found anytime at This website is in its early days and we are constantly listening to staff and parental feedback to make it better and more user-friendly each and every day! Please do keep talking to us about your findings.


This daily Blog should be your one – stop – shop for information on what’s been happening in your child’s class that day. Teachers are working hard to provide lessons and Self Organised Learning Sessions (SOLE) that teach and stimulate children in ways that suit all learners.


Hopefully, you will also have seen first hand the huge impact visiting illustrator Shoo Rayner had and continues to have in our school, teaching our children high quality art skills through his brilliant video tutorials. We are now using more quality video tutorials and examples; when they are appropriate, to bring vital experiences and skills into the classroom. These are supporting the teacher’s high quality classroom teaching not replacing it. In the near future such websites and short videos will be available on our own website so that the children have the opportunity to watch safe, vetted videos that are directly linked to their learning from a safe source – our school home page YouTube channel. (We have our own channel through the South West Grid for Learning SWgFL with full restrictive filtering, rest assured!)

We will also shortly be populating the “Help my child learn” section of the website with short tutorials for child and parents alike in all areas where we feel we can support learning.

Thus far feedback for the new site has been excellent and only a few ‘gremlins’ have needed ironing out. If you have not yet accessed all areas of the website then please ask your child/children to give you a tour and really do use it’s capability to help your child progress.

Finally, thank you to those who have already commented positively on the new site and for your on-going support. Many children have proudly stated how they use the site with their parents and that is wonderful to hear, so again, thank you. Together we can achieve great things!

Many thanks and if you have any questions then please do contact either myself and Mrs Shimell in the office directly or any member of staff.


Mr C Tribble

Assistant Headteacher @Hazeldown Primary School.