Sea Cycle Year 5 Performance 7-8th July 2017

Review of the Sea Cycle – By Millie

Alongside 10 other people in my year 5 group, I participated in the Sea Cycle project which was a performance with music, dancing, singing, acting, drumming and lots more!

In the project, there were three parts. Part one; the audience (around areas of the big field) watched us sing, play drums and tell a story. Part two; Hazeldown students had to sing a shanty – called ‘The Tale of Jack Spratt’ – whilst a TCS band played and puppets danced and acted out along to the lyrics. Part three; a scene in an office with TCS students tapping loud keyboards during which a film about Donald Crowhurst was shown. Moreover, the theme was a promenade and the audience were able to wander around anywhere they wanted to go, three bands played and sung and we (Hazeldown students) created a drum wave with thunder sounds!

After that, Shaldon school sang their hymn – that was called ‘On Every Ocean’ – and all the performers joined in on the last line of the hymn. To finish off the performance, we all sang the opening song, ‘Teignmouth by the Sea’ and walked around the promenade, holding hands and circling the audience.

Overall, I thought the performance was outstanding as I was one of the cast and I enjoyed working collaboratively with my own school peers and four other schools (TCS, Mill Lane Primary, Shaldon School and OLSP) to create this terrific masterpiece!

Moreover, the director, Tony Lidington; composer, Elfyn Jones; music leaders, Kip Pratt, Patrick Saturly and Jo Lihou, were a massive help and ran the show perfectly, I thought.  “Amazing, made me proud to live in Teignmouth!” exclaimed a member of the audience.