Shaldon Zoo Trip – Beech Class – 25.05.22

Beech Class had an incredible time at Shaldon Zoo! We enjoyed every part of our morning and were so excited when a double decker bus arrived outside of the school gates ready to take us on our adventure. We sang lots of songs on the way to the zoo including some we have been learning as part of our learning journey, “Animal Safari”, such as ‘Down in the Jungle’ and ‘The Animals Went 2 by 2’. We also sang wheels on the bus and the driver beeped his horn which we found so funny!

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the zoo and learning about many different interesting animals, many of which we had never seen before! We decided that our favourite animal was the Binturong or ‘Bear Cat’. It was very sleepy when we arrived though, and we did our best to keep quiet and show our empathy for the animals. Our highlight was feeding the Meerkats live meal worms! They were so noisy when their lunch arrived and it made us all laugh!

When we arrived back at school, we were still so excited and enthused from our morning of excitement! We explored pictures of scientific drawings of animals from around the world. We discovered how important it was for scientists to be accurate with their drawings as cameras did not exist when some animals were first discovered. We used ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ to support us in striving for an accurate drawing and being resilient, we kept taking feedback and re-drafting until we were happy with our creations.

You can watch ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ here: