Special Visitors to Foundation – Foundation – 18.03.21

Ash and Beech have had some very exciting visitors this week. On Monday, an incubator arrived with 10 chicken eggs. The incubator kept the eggs warm and we watched as the chicks started to hatch from their eggs. The chicks started off looking rather soggy but soon warmed up and got very fluffy! We learnt all about the life cycle of a chicken and shared our own knowledge with our friends. We linked this in with our learning for science week. We learnt that the orange/brown chicks are females (hens) and the yellow chicks are males (cockerels).

When the chicks were dry and strong, we moved them to the brooder box with a special heat lamp to keep them warm. The chicks huddle together to keep warm.

We used the chicks as inspiration for our literacy writing and wrote some independent sentences about the chicks. We used some of our fantastic adjectives and were resourceful by using the vocabulary wall. We loved challenging ourselves to up level our sentences and encouraged one another to be resilient.


We also developed our oracy skills by debating! We used the question ‘are eggs alive?’ as our hook. We discussed our ideas and decided that not all eggs are alive as you can eat chocolate eggs! We used some fantastic metacognition reasoning to elaborate and justify our opinions. We then extended our learning even further by discussing some statements. We found ourselves in a cognitive conflict but collaborated as a team and got out of the learning pit!

On Thursday, we got to have chick cuddles! We were very careful and patient with the chicks and loved holding them.