Spelling Revisit and Review – Mr Pattison’s Group

Spelling Revisit and Review – Mr Pattison’s group

Over the Easter holidays, please revisit all of the spellings which you have learnt over the past term.  Make sure that you can still accurately spell them all, giving a bit of extra time and practise those you didn’t get correct the first time round! There will be a spelling test based on a random selection of these words on Friday 21st April.

Group Specific Words Year 3/4 Words
immature autobiography interact material
immortal autograph intercity possession
impossible automobile international strength
impatient supermarket interrelated appear
imperfect superman intercept decide
immigrate superstar interchangeable fruit
impose superhuman interclub medicine
redo measure subdivide possible
refresh treasure subheading suppose
return pleasure submarine mention
reappear enclosure submerge potatoes
redecorate leisure substantial surprise
regenerate pressure subsequent bicycle
refurbish reassure subordinate difficult
disappoint illegible   guard
disagree illegal   arrive
misbehave irregular   describe
misspell irrelevant   grammar
mislead irresponsible   answer
disobey illogical   forward
dislike irrational   continue