Year 6 (5th Nov) – Struggle and the learning pit.

In our maths lesson recently, some of the class were given some very complicated problems to solve. They involved calculating the angles of compound shapes. The part that made it tricky was that not all of the information was shown, so we had to work out the missing information before we could solve the problem.

Some of the class spent a whole lesson (45 minutes) trying to solve a single problem (unsuccessfully).

In Hazeldown, we call this being in the learning pit. This struggle is very important as it makes our brains work very hard and deeper learning takes place.

Today we discussed the learning pit. We discussed the fact that whilst it is good to be in the learning pit, there is a time limit.We think that in Year 6, if we are still in the learning pit after about 25 minutes, we should change task.

On the flip side, if a task is too easy, we should change to a more challenging task – putting ourselves into the learning pit where the deeper learning can take place.