Times Tables Rockstars Battle Results 24.4.2020

This week’s Battles have finished with he following results:

Holly 1096 v 628 Ebony

Bonsai 762 v 499 Monkey Puzzle

Fir 2305 v 1811 Redwood

Oak 4487 v 512 Cherry

Apple 723 v 354 Palm

Congratulations to the winning classes.  Just to change things up a little next week, the KS2 battles will be between a class and their nearest competitor.

Next week’s battles will be between:

Oak (Y3) v Fir (Y4)

Holly (Y6) v Redwood (Y4)

Bonsai (Y5) v Ebony (Y6)

Monkey Puzzle (Y5) v Cherry (Y3)

Apple V Palm

Battles start at 8:50am on Monday!!