w.b. 08.06.20- More fabulous learning from year 5

Year 5 have been sending in some amazing work this week and I have had to do a second blog post.

Here is Oscar’s amazing SOLE piece of his clock design. He has named this piece ‘Can you break time?’

Here is Alex’s clock artwork:

In literacy we are writing diary entries about travelling to the future. We have begun by describing a picture of what the future may look like.

Thomas’ work:

Here is Maisie’s work:

Here are some sentences year 5 have created after describing the picture:



Another SOLE task we set was to estimate how many hours during the day pupils spent doing their daily activities.

Here is Isaac’s work:

Here is how Evie divides her day up doing her daily activities:

Some more wonderful artwork!




Keep up the amazing work year 5! We are very proud of you and what you are achieving during these strange times.