w.b 13.04 Monkey Puzzle – What have you been up to?

It has been great to see the wonderful work that has been going on at home this week. There is clearly some excellent work and activities going on. Plus a lot of you have been enjoying the sunshine, gardening and baking.

Please feel free to send across any photos you have of activities you have been up to so we can share and celebrate with everyone and for your chance to appear on the blog.

Here are just a few examples:

Ellisha has been making some Top trump cards for SOLE, this is just one of them.

Evelyn has been busy doing some research on Key Workers.

Frankie has written a paragraph for her myth. She also went back over and up levelled it pretending she had a purple pen.

Shella stepped towards the golden table, to eat her delicious breakfast, when suddenly she realised the guards had put a symbol of wealth on their table with a beetle to its right. Shella was confused though, no-one came rushing to her room or even made her breakfast so she made it herself. This was peculiar. Then suddenly, around the corner of the door, she saw two guards. Stella could not make out most sentences but she heard  ‘should we tell her?‘  Obviously , this was bad news. As this peculiar day went on, a guard wanted to talk face to face. After the conversation was over Shella was in tears . No matter how many people tried comforting her it still wouldn’t stop her! The fatal news of her husband was bad enough . Shella’s husband, Clive, was going to be murdered tonight at a party . Of course Shella didn’t know even about a party because Clive kept it a ginormous secret!  As the guards surrounded the palace, Shella got worried. Her darling husband was going to be murdered by his little sister because Tye was tired of waiting for the throne! She was evil since being born. She sobbed, how could his sister be so evil and ungrateful? No-one knew the answer. Little did she know Shella was one step ahead of them all. A guard came in screaming and whimpering. ‘S-she’s  in t-the c-castle and disabled a-all the s-security’ her whispered in her ear ‘oh no she is closer than we think ‘ she shouted in disbelief as Tye heard all the commotion she started she sniggered to her self. ‘ WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? ‘ screeched Shella. Am I busted thought Tye? Then she thought ‘ nah they never find me’ as she stayed quietly in her hiding spot she heard every word the guards said about the defence so she had a GINORMOUS advantage!!! As everything happened in the palace Tye saw it . Then it was 8pm, when the party started, as she got ready to do her evil plan…

Seb made a great poster on what he knows about the solar system.

Joselyn was out enjoying the sunshine and made a great den in the garden with her brother.

If you would like the chance to have your photos shown on next weeks blog please make sure you send them to me. I’d love to see anything you have been up to!

Please also continue to share you work as some of that may appear too.

If you are doing your work in your book feel free to send photographs as well.