w/b 18th May – More work from Monkey Puzzle

As half term approaches Monkey Puzzle have given a final push producing some great work this week.

Joselyn has written a brilliant poem about Saturn, this is one of her verses.                       

I’ve been studying Saturn all these years

                             Just heard I can go, can’t believe my ears

                            I wonder what will arise

                            When I finally go up to the skies

                            Time to pack my bag of supplies

                            Into the rocket and up it flies!

Alex has been busy designing space helmets and he also produced a drawing of Neil Armstrong. I think you’ll agree his art skills are fabulous!

Frankie has been busy this week, she has written a job application to be an astronaut as well as researching a number of different astronauts.  She has also produced a detailed film review about a space film. This was one of our SOLE musts.

Evelyn has produced a fantastic PowerPoint presentation about famous Astronauts. I have put a picture of just one of the slides below for you to have a look.

Thomas has created an excellent model the Solar System. He has also been busy learning new skill such as map reading.

Harry H has written a great Space story and drawn an interesting looking alien – I definitely wouldn’t want to come across him!

Thank you for producing such amazing work at home, and please thank your parents for helping you!

Make sure you have a well deserved break and enjoy half term!