w.c.11th May- Bonsai Class

Bonsai have sent in even more brilliant work this week!!

Toby celebrated VE day at home by creating his own bunting and putting it up in the window for everyone to see. Excellent work Toby!

Amelia has had a go at the 100 word challenge. She has used some beautiful language to describe the setting.

Harry B has been working incredibly hard on his handwriting and has written a description about his alien.

Harry has also been busy composing a musical piece for a planet.

Here is Ruby’s alien.

Bibi’s alien.

Bibi has also been gathering lots of interesting facts about space!

Lucas has discovered a pigeon and its eggs nesting in his garden and has decided to keep a diary the pigeon’s activities and if the eggs will hatch.

Meet Olive the pigeon!

Mia has recorded her performance of her amazing poetry!


Keep sending in all the wonderful work you’ve been doing!