w.c. 13.4.20- Bonsai- What you’ve been up to!

Over the past week, Bonsai have been sharing their work; it has been wonderful to see all the amazing learning that has been taking place at home. Please feel free to share any pictures of your work or any other activities that you’ve been doing whilst at home.

Jess has drawn a beautiful picture of one of her characters for her myth. She looks very powerful the picture is beautifully coloured in!

Additionally, Jess has draw a picture of Egyptian head piece worn by Nemes as part of her SOLE. 

Evie has created a informative Powerpoint all about our solar system as part of our new topic; stargazers. 

Finally, Maisie has been busy writing an Egyptian myth. She has used many synonyms and up-levelled her vocabulary to make her writing more interesting!

Under the unbearable Spanish heat, lived a magnificent and  powerful queen. She was well loved by all her people , she brought life back to her kingdom after the previous rulers got overthrown by a new dynasty. Queen Esperanzo was well loved and admired by all except one, Esperanzo’s older brother Encanto. He lurks in the dark sinister shadows of his younger sister who owns the celebrated title of Queen. Even though  Encanto is older by 5 years he is not King because he was not the first sibling in the royal family to get married. If his 14 year old sister Princess Belenza had married first she could have been Queen before him too. The young beautiful Princess Belenza despised her evil ,sinister brother and always knew he hated their raven haired affectionate sister /queen and always knew that he was planning an evil deed in his mind , and he what an evil deed it was going to be. 


Well done to all of you who have shared your work. I would love to see what you’ve been up to! If you would like a chance for your work to uploaded to the blog, keep sending in your work. If you have been doing work in your book, take a picture of what you’ve done and send it in.

I would also love to see any work/activities you have completed from the additional activities folder.