wb 11th May – More from Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle have been doing even more fabulous work I had to blog again! You are all doing so well and I hope you are all really proud of yourselves.

Thomas has written an excellent description of his alien. I think you’ll agree they sound quite vile!  Thomas assures me they are the most evil creatures ever!

Normal vermicious knids:

They are large, egg shaped and dark coloured in green, grey, and black colours. They have a colossal red eye with a large, square, black pupil like the darkest black hole. They flip their microscopic pinprick brain and their yellow liver upside-down to turn into:

  Transformed vermicious knids:

They are now a green blob made of Vermes (not the delivery service Hermes, the planet further than Pluto) slime. They generate new slime by flipping their stomach as they generate new slime, the old slime at the bottom falls away as they move, like snail slime. The newest slime is the lightest in colour, as green as a pea that has been painted the brightest green that you can buy from B&Q, so they look as if they are getting darker the further you look down. The square black pupil shrinks so the red eye is even brighter than a pot of crimson paint with a dollop of vicious oil. 

Alex has been busy designing a poster about life on earth.

Oscar has created a scary looking Alien.

Thomas has also been very busy creating Space Shuttles

Lottie has come up with some fantastic reasons for her balanced argument of for and against Space travel here are a few of her examples:



  • We have a greater understanding of space and our planet, by travelling to space. 
  • It will inspire a new generation of engineers.  A spaceport looks like a college campus, rather than a space centre like NASA. 
  • The cost of reaching space would go down. 
  • It will provide a new view of our planet.  It could give world leaders a different view of our planet, would that influence their decisions on the environment?


  • Realistically the cost of space travel is still expensive through a private company.  Unless you are a millionaire, would you be able to afford it?
  • It’s great that a new generation of engineers are inspired by the prospect of space travel, but if a spaceport looks like a college campus are they going to be taking the task seriously?
  • It would be really great if world leaders could view the world differently.  But if that involves sending them to space, who would pay for them to go?
  • If a space plane is used over and over again, how safe would it be?

Joselyn has been busy creating her own rocket with her brother Freddie. 

Please remember to keep the excellent work and photographs coming!

Have a lovely weekend – Enjoy the sunshine!