What Monkey Puzzle have been up to – wb 04/05/20

Once again Monkey Puzzle have been very busy this week. I have received some excellent work. Here is just a taster.

Seb has been very busy learning about space and the moon. Here he has drawn an Astronaut and created a fact file about the moon. 

Thomas has been very busy learning about Gravity. He has written down the most important facts below. He has also been leanring about the phases of the moon with the help of some Rich Tea biscuits. Thomas has also really been developing his ICT skills as well as leanring how to use vimeo. 

Frankie has been very busy leanring about gravity as well. She has conducted an experiment with her sister. Below is a table of their predictions and then the actual results. Great work girls! 

Frankie also did a great slide about what would happen to us humans if there was no such thing as gravity.

Oliver devised a dramatic performance where his toy giraffe became Sir Isaac Newton. Here is a screen shot from the video. 

Alex has made a great start to his space poem in Literacy. 

“Sometimes you are full and round

Your light shines out like a torch to the ground.

Other times you are narrow, shaped like a crescent

Like a half unwrapped birthday present”


Violet has come up with some great similes and metaphors for her poem about Pluto. 

1.The light from the frozen ice ball danced on the icy water.

2.The blue planet completed its orbit like a glove to a hand.

3.I heard the groans of the planet as I stepped my foot on its surface of ice.

4.I felt my heart of steel start to soften as I left the icy planet.

5.It felt like slow motion as I made my way across the planet.


Remember to keep working hard and send me any photos for the things you get up to.  I am very proud of all of your hard work and I hope you are too.