Year 1 Willow class being clever with coins.

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We are nearing the end of our Maths topic on money and we are so impressed with the children’s hard work and achievements.

Today, we asked the children to choose which of the piggy banks they would rather have and why. The responses were fantastic. All children said they would count in 2s or 5s or 10s, depending on the coins and they did so with increased confidence.

The children were saying things like “even though there are more of the 2ps, I would still want the piggy bank with the 5ps in because that makes 15p. The other one only makes 14p, which is less.”

They realised that the piggy banks with 10ps and 5ps actually had the same amount in. Seth said “I know they are the same, but I would rather have the one with 5ps in because there are more coins and that makes me feel richer”!

Blossom decided she would have the one with 10ps in as that might be lighter than the other one and easier to carry!

We definitely think the children are ready to handle real money, so if they can help you pay for small amounts in shops or total a simple bill, then please let them.