Year 2 – Camouflage detectives in Palm Class!

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Day 4 of science week and Palm Class were off exploring again…

We became camouflage detectives today, searching high and low for hidden minibeast colours. 

Our special visitor from Devon Wildlife Trust gave us the challenge to find as many hidden minibeast colour strips as we could!

Which colours were easier to spot first? Which colours were more tricky to locate? What does that tell us about the colour of minibeasts?

What are all the reasons for minibeasts being different colours?

Which minibeasts display warning colours? What are those colours?

Which minibeasts prefer to be camouflaged and hide? What colours were these?

Which creatures use their colours to attract? What colours were they?

Remember to make a note of any other questions you had about today’s learning, so we can post them to Lucy from Devon Wildlife. She told us how they would love to hear from us again!


How many minibeasts can you correctly identify from the images below?

Apply your skills from today’s learning to help you locate the bugs!

cam2 cam3

cam4 cam1 cam5 cam6