Year 2 – Describing story settings in Palm Class

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Today, Palm class jumped into different story setting images. Just like Mary Poppins, we jumped right in and stepped inside the pictures to make them come alive! 

We used our senses to describe how we were feeling, what we could see, what we could hear, what we could smell, what we could touch and what we could taste. 

We stepped inside a spooky house, a pirate ship, a castle, a spaceship, a jungle, a forest, onto a desert island and many more! Among other things, we heard cackling witches and owls hooting. We saw gnarling branches and twisted vines. Some of us didn’t want to leave our pictures!

We used our role play to help us generate some excellent vocabulary and setting descriptions, which we will be including in our own story writing at the end of this week in our Big Write!