Year 2, extended writing.

I’m so impressed with everyone who is still working hard at home. We have been looking at all the Google Forms, stories, spelling and grammar work that so many of you are sending in.

Thank you for all your hard work.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in September.


Have a read of these wonderful stories.

Emeralds problem.


Once upon a time there was a bright, colourful bird called Emerald.  He was called this because of his beautiful green feathers that glittered in the sun.  Emerald lived near the sea, on a tropical island.  There are loads of palm trees, flowers, insects to eat and fruit but best of all he had his friends.  He likes to play hide and seek with his friends, flying through the trees looking for the best spots to hide.  

It is a hot sunny day on the tropical island.  Emerald and his friends were playing their favourite game.  They were flying over the beach, into the trees getting ready to hide. One, two three, shouted Emerald it was his turn to count.  When in the distance he saw a dark blue shape coming towards the island. “ WHAT IS THAT “? shouted Emerald.  His friends all quickly flew back to him.  

The next second the dark blue thing landed on the beach.  It was a big Blue bird, with the most amazing feathers. Emerald and his friends flew down on to the sand next to him and asked him “ Who are you?” 

“Sparks.” said the blue bird.   “I am called this because of my magnificent, shiny feathers.”

All of Emeralds friends started to tweet, they all thought that his feathers were awesome.  But one bird didn’t agree.  It was Emerald

“No they’re not.” cried Emerald, he was jealous of the new bird.  

“ Come and play with us. “ said Emerald’s friends.  This made Emerald very angry.  He didn’t like Sparks.  He didn’t want to play with Sparks.  He had a mean idea he would play with sparks and he would help him to hide.  In a dark cave, where nobody was allowed to go.

“Come with me Sparks, I’ll help you to hide” said Emerald.  Off they flew to find a great hiding place.   When they got to the cave Emerald told Sparks, “stay here and find a good spot to hide, I’ll hide nearby so if I get found before you I won’t give your hiding place away. ”  Sparks was afraid to go in the cave but he thought Emerald was being nice and he wouldn’t leave him alone he would be near so he flew down into the cave.  

As soon as Sparks had disappeared into the cave, Emerald flew away.  

It was nearly bedtime and all of Emeralds’ friends had been found.  They looked everywhere for Sparks but could not find him.  They are sad that they can’t find him and are getting worried.  Emerald is feeling bad, he should not have told Sparks to hide in the cave.  It is scary in the cave.  He decided to go and get him.   “Follow me. I think i know where he is.”  When they got to the cave they saw Sparks crying outside.  

“I thought you wouldn’t find me.  Emerald told me to hide in here and he didn’t come back for me, he said he would be near me but I know now that he wasn’t!”

Emerald looked sad, he felt bad that he told Sparks to hide in the cave when nobody is allowed in there.  The other birds were angry with him, he started to cry.

“I only told Sparks to hide in the cave because I was jealous of his beautiful feathers.  You all thought mine were the best until Sparks came along.  I thought that if I got rid of him you would like me more. I know it was wrong, I’m really sorry.”

Sparks looked at Emerald, he could see that he was sorry.  “It is ok, maybe we can both have the best feathers?”

“That would be nice.” said Emerald and all of the birds were friends again.



The blue-tit and the owl


Once upon a time Mr Meanie landed on a wire over a chasm. Soon Mr Yawn landed next to him and did a colossal yawn.

“YAWN!” Mr Meanie didn’t like it so he began to peck Mr Yawn. Eventually their friends came and thought it was a game so they started to peck each other. There was chaos, everywhere! 

Suddenly, an owl landed on the wire a few metres away and said: “hello”. Mr Meanie did a silly imitation of the owl. The blue-tits (Mr Meanie, Mr Yawn etc.) walked away. The owl flapped over to them and they started chirping angrily. Suddenly Mr Meanie and Mr Yawn pecked the owl as hard as they could. Soon they noticed that the owl was slipping. Mr Meanie got a plan and it was to peck the owl’s feet. peckpeckpeckpeckpeck until…


The blue-tits were catapulted through the air like arrows from a bow, so fast that all their feathers came off.

Meanwhile, down below the feathers were falling through the sky; the owl blew them. Suddenly a not-that-blue blue-tit fell from the sky and the owl’s laughter erupted from him like bicarbonate of soda and vinegar from an overstuffed volcano.

The moral of the story: don’t bully people just because they’re different.