Year 2 – Fantastic fractions in Palm Class!

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Palm Class have been applying their fraction skills today to solve a range of fraction problems.

From shading fractions of shapes, to calculating fractions of objects and numbers…we really worked hard to apply our fraction skills.

pizza fraction gif

To help us prepare for our SATs, we have been completing a variety of practice questions to show off our fraction knowledge. 

Tell someone at home how you will solve these fraction problems and explain your methods to work it out. 

Remember the top tips we have been finding out about fractions:

  • Each fraction part must be?

  • 2/4 is equivalent to?

  • If I need to find 3/4 of a number, I need to first find?

  • The number at the bottom of the fraction is a big clue – it tells me?

fraction1         fraction2



fraction3          fraction4