Year 2 – Giving our brains a workout in Palm Class!


Once again, Palm Class have been using and applying their numeracy skills to complete SATs style questions.

We can use our knowledge of number bonds to help us complete multiplication and addition number sentences.

We also know how to apply the number facts we already know and spot number patterns, to help us solve trickier problems.


If I know 6 + 3 = 9, I know 60 + 30 = ? 

If I know 1/2 of 100 is 50, I know double 50 = ?

If I know 1/2 of 12 is 6, I know 2/4 of 12 = ?


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We have also used our multiplication and division facts to help us solve fraction number problems.

What is 2/4 of 8?

What is 3/4 of 12?

How can you prove your answer is correct?

What could you write or draw to show your calculations?


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