Year 2 – Palm Class and Apple Class take subtraction outside!

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61 children take subtraction outside! Yes, Palm Class and Apple Class took their subtraction skills outside today. We collaborated together to create blank number lines, to help us subtract two digit numbers from two digit numbers.

First, we wrote the biggest two digit number in our number sentence at the end of our blank number line. After that, we partitioned the other two digit number into tens and ones. 

We jumped back in tens to start with and then ones. We recorded our landing numbers each time. Some of us noticed quicker methods to jump back, by jumping 1 big jump instead of smaller jumps. Finally, we counted all our jumps back, to calculate the answer. 

96 – 39 = ?

73 – 58 = ?

51 – 27 = ?

How many jumps would you need to make to calculate these subtractions on a blank number line? Which numbers would you land on for each jump? What are the fewest jumps required?