Year 2 – Palm Class eye up the expectations of their new literacy Elicitation Task!

Palm Class used their eagle eyes today to assess the expectations for their new Elicitation Task.

In a few weeks, we will be writing an explanation text to explain about the life cycle of a butterfly.



Here is our success criteria for this task.

Which skills did you include in your explanations today?



Elicitation skills list


Our first challenge today was to show off all our existing knowledge and understanding about this metamorphosing process.

Some of us used diagrams with labels, to help us explain the life cycle of a butterfly. 



Over the next few weeks we will be immersing ourselves in this magical process and working our way through the success criteria skills, to establish a secure awareness of the expectations for our own writing. 



Perhaps you can begin to collect some facts about the life cycle of a butterfly at home?

Maybe you could start to generate a word bank for our technical vocabulary wall? Which key words should we be including in our explanations? 


life cycle of butterfly for blog


Tell someone at home what you already know about this life cycle. Make a list of the things you are not yet sure about. Have a think about what you could do, or what you could look at to help you find those answers…

Don’t forget to come and tell us all about it!


The following short video is a good place to start!

Make a list of all the technical vocabulary we can include in our explanations and bring it into school to share!