Year 2 – Palm Class go on the hunt!



We spy with our little eyes, something beginning with ‘M’…




Palm Class investigated and explored our school grounds today. We were on a special mission…to locate the creepiest of crawlies!

butterfly_gif_by_calikarcha13-d737wcwFrom beautiful butterflies to slimy snails, buzzing bees to scary spiders…



mantis1We searched high and low, looking under and over. Using the science equipment, we carefully caught the minibeasts and looked at them in more detail. How many legs? Did it have wings? What else did you discover?

snail01We took our new friends back to our classroom to make observational drawings of them and to complete a tally chart for the different bugs we had all found.


Afterwards, we made sure we put them all back outside very gently. Some of the snails were in a bit of a hurry because they were trying to escape out of the containers!b8Which minibeasts did you find today? Where did you find them? What can you tell someone about them?

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