Year 2, Palm Class, Learning at home, 19.5.20

Hello Palm Class,

I am really enjoying looking at all the photos you have been sending in. Please do share anything you are doing at home with me so I can share some of these wonderful stores with others too.

Some people have been learning about growing and have been busy in the garden.

Others have made their treasure chests, hidden them and made a map to its location.


In literacy, lots of you have been working hard to learn new vocabulary and to arrange it in alphabetical order.


You have also learned about writing in the past tense and been applying this to writing about Captain Cook.

Lots of children have told me they have been learning about the time. Parents have set them time limits for activities, made daily timetables and used timings whilst cooking.

Lots of you have also continued to enjoy learning about pirates. There have been some wonderful drawings in school and lots of role play at home.

Keep safe and having fun whilst learning lots at home.