Year 2 – Palm Class show off their amazing minibeast facts in their Big Write!


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Caterpillars are wingless creatures. There are lots of species of caterpillars because they come in lots of shapes and sizes. Caterpillars are colourful and some are patterned to warn predators. Did you know that caterpillars are herbivores? They eat juicy grass and crunchy leaves. 



Butterflies eat nectar from any type of flower. They are born from a cocoon with beautiful delicate wings to flutter. 



Some caterpillars can be camouflaged because they are the same colour as the green leaves. 



A dragonfly has transparent wings and two compound eyes. 



If you want to discover more fascinating facts about spiders you can find them in dark creepy corners in your garden. 




Wow! What fabulous facts you have included in your non-chronological reports Palm Class!

Terrific titles, outstanding openings, super subheadings, punctuated paragraphs, sensational summaries and a variety of technical vocabulary!

Explain your answers to the following questions below to someone at home and discuss the features of a successful non-chronological report.

  1. What does the title tell you?

  2. Why do you need to write an opening?

  3. What do subheadings tell you?

  4. Where might you use technical vocabulary? Give two examples of technical vocabulary you used in your report.

  5. What is a summary?