Year 2 – Technical vocabulary hunt in Palm Class!





Palm Class were vocabulary detectives in our literacy session…

We collaborated together to find all the technical vocabulary in an explanation text about the life cycle of a butterfly. 

There were lots of new words for us to discuss and define the meaning of.

We all discovered plenty of exciting vocabulary we hope to use in our own explanation about the butterfly life cycle. Which words will you magpie for your Big Write?


Here is a short list of just some of the technical words we found:

  • metamorphosis

  • species

  • cylindrical

  • hatch

  • transformation

  • appetite

  • caterpillar

  • pupa

  • emerged

  • hemolymph

  • flight

  • chrysalis 


Pick 4 of these words to explain to someone at home.

Can you think of a way to remember how to spell them for your Big Write?