Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Friday 13th January; To be completed by Wednesday 18th January

We have started learning about ‘The Great Race,’ the Chinese zodiac myth. For your home learning, you need to retell the story to a grown-up using the story map to help you.


Try to include:
• some powerful verbs (e.g. prowled, sidled, lumbering)
• some effective adjectives (e.g. glossy, cunning, steady)
• some good sentence openers (e.g. Many moons ago…., High above…, All of a sudden…)

If you would like to remind yourself of the story line, try watching the video clip we used for our elicitation task:

We have been learning about place value this week, looking at the value of different digits in different numbers.
There are four activities set on Manga High to help you to practice these skills further.