Year 3 and 4 Home Learning Friday 6th January

Task 1 – Reading

We are having a big push on reading stories and listening to stories being read to us.  Where do you like to read when you are at home?  Take a photo of yourself reading in your favourite place – why do you like to read there?

You can print your photo or email it to your class teacher:

Task 2 – SOLE

We have just started our new topic ‘Our Journey to China’. Next week we will be creating our own Terracotta Army!  Your homework is to find out some interesting facts about the Terracotta Army, presented on a piece of A4 paper, ready to add to your SOLE reflections later in the term.

Key questions: Who created the Terracotta Army?  Where were they found? Who found them? What is unusual about the Terracotta Army?

Don’t forget to draw pictures or add images from the Internet.

Don’t forget to add the correct punctuation!