Year 3 and 4 Home Learning – Friday 9th December; to be completed for Wednesday 14th December

Year 3 and 4 Home Learning

Friday 9th December; To be handed in on Wednesday 14th December


Task 1 – Christmas Songs


Following on from last weeks Home Learning, we would like you to continue to learn the songs for the Carol Concert. We have been really impressed during rehearsals, but there is always room for improvement.


The songs can be found on the school website in the help my children learn section, then under music.


Task 2 – Maths


This term, we have put some time aside to learn our times tables. Hopefully this has enabled you to be more confident in answering quick fire questions.


After Christmas, we are going to be focusing on multiplication and division further, so your times tables are going to be very important. Over the coming weeks, starting now, can you show evidence of your times table practice?


Here are some ideas to help you:

·       Times tables games on the internet

·       Hit the Button game (just type this on google, it’s the first link)

·       MangaHigh

·       Make your own mini times tables tests

·       Write out the times tables in your H/L book


Can you beat Mr Pattison’s high score of 34 on Hit the Button in the mixed times tables?


If you can there will be a prize on offer – please take a screen shot or a photo to show Mr Pattison


Ongoing tasks

Times tables: Keep practising those times table facts – you need to know all facts up to 12 x 12 inside out, at the click of your fingers! Make sure you are rehearsing these facts regularly, preferably several times a week.

Reading: Remember that you should be reading on a daily basis at home, and should be discussing this reading with an adult – talking about the text, commenting on the author’s purpose, noticing particular features of certain genres, etc. In reading record books, please could children/parents write a comment about this reading.

Spellings: Remember to spend time daily learning your spellings – will you earn both of your raffle tickets this week?


If you are unable to access the home learning or are finding it difficult, please speak to your teacher.